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present simple - present meanings

Present simple - present meanings

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present simple

The following ESL resources are available for Present simple - present meanings:

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Present simple practice
Ss fill in gapped text about their weekday routines. Then form questions and interview their partners


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Present simple vs continuous
Sentences and pairs of sentences illustrating different uses of present continuous and contrasted with present simple. Ss discuss in pairs


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Uses of the present simple
matching - uses with example sentences


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Dominoes - present tenses
focuses on time expressions for present simple and continuous


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Frequency expressions find someone who
Find someone who for 'how often' questions


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Present simple quiz (47)
Present simple quiz













General English course books (adults)

Global Intermediate Coursebook book cover 

Global Intermediate Coursebook 

Lindsay Clandfield   Rebecca Robb Benne   
Unit 1 Language & Culture  Page 9   Present simple and present continuous

Photocopiable resource books

Elementary Grammar Games book cover 

Elementary Grammar Games 

Jill Hadfield   
5 - Personal pronouns: subject and object (1)  Page 5 
Ss order pictures to make a simple story. Then arrange words to make present simple sentences telling the story.
21 - Present simple: affirmative and negative  Page 21 
Game 1 : Small groups. Card game. Ss match pictures and verb cards to make present simple sentences: Tigers have stripes. Polar bears live near the North Pole Game 2 : Mill-type activity with role cards. Who lives on which planet? Present simple questions; present simple statements.
22 - Present simple: yes / no questions  Page 22 
Ss take a picture and ask their partner a question about it. e.g. (ice-cream picture) 'Do you like ice cream?' + variations / extensions
23 - Present simple: wh- questions  Page 23 
Set of animal pictures Set of answers to questions about the animals. Ss turn over pictures and form appropriate questions; then match to answers. e.g. Pic card: camels. Answer card : to store water S must make question, 'Why do camels have humps?' (or equivalent)
27 - Frequencey adverbs: always, sometimes,etc.  Page 27 
Game 1 Small groups. Card game. Ss match people cards (My brother etc.) with frequency cards (always, on Monday mornings etc.) and form a sentence. My brother always oversleeps on Monday mornings. Game 2 Pairwork. Card game. Ss match pictures of people with their personal calenders using clues about their lifestyles in the pictures.
31 - Present simple or present continuous  Page 31 
Small groups. Matching game with picture cards. Ss match action cards with job cards based on picture clues.
Grammar Games and Activities 1 book cover 

Grammar Games and Activities 1 

Peter Watcyn-Jones   
1 - Find someone who...  Page 37 
Simple findsomeonewho using present tesnes
4 - What's my uncle's job?  Page 44 
Ss ask yes / no questions to find out what job is on the picture card.
7 - Four people  Pages 47 - 48
Ss complete personal information forms(fictitious people) by asking partners.
9 - A day in the life of...  Page 51 
Ss exchange information about their daily routines.
Intermediate Communication Games book cover 

Intermediate Communication Games 

Jill Hadfield   
1 - Tower Block  Pages 1 - 2
All participants are occupants of a tower block. 7 - 46 students.
5 - Lifeswap  Pages 5 - 6
Each S has a picture of a person with clues to their lifestyle. Ss imagines they are the person in the picture and want to change their lifestyle with someone else's.
6 - Matchmaking  Page 6 
Dating agency game with picture cards
7 - Whose  Page 7 
Ss complete questionnaires as follows: ...is a student whose brother... etc.

Grammar books with exercises

Developing Grammar in Context book cover 

Developing Grammar in Context 

Mark Nettle   Diana Hopkins   
2 The present simple  Pages 7 - 11

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  book cover 

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  

Sue Kay   
1a - 1b Who are you?  Page 1 
Chart completion on basic personal information (age, job) etc. with 14 role cards
2a - 2b Talk about routines  Page 2 
Board game with question cards - skeleton prompts
5 But what are they doing now?  Page 5 
Five pairs of pictures showing a person's permanent job (what s/he does) and their present activity (what s/he is doing now)
Progress check 1 - 5 Sentences in a hat  Pages 1 - 5
Students complete present simple statements with frequency adverbs from prompts
Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover 

Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 

Susan Kay   
3a & b Lifestyle profiles  Page 3 
Students invent a profile of a person from a picture and read it out. Others have to guess which picture.
14c A life in the day of...  Page 14 
Ss match pictues of people with statements about their lives and telephone messages that have been left for them.

ESL lesson plans

How Donald Trump Got Rich: A Tale of Three Trumps

US Election ESL worksheet 1 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 2 Donald Trump worksheet 3 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 4 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 5 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 6
B1 / B2 Complete lesson Skills: split reading; discussion; role play Vocabulary: business and economics

Download A Tale of Three Trumps for B1/B2 (PDF)
C1 Complete lesson Skills: split reading; discussion; Grammar: participle clauses

Download A Tale of Three Trumps for C1 (PDF)

US Election Special 2016

US Election ESL worksheet 1 US Election ESL worksheet 2 US Election ESL worksheet 3 US Election ESL worksheet 4
B2/C1 Complete lesson Vocabulary: politics, elections; skills: discussing elections and issues.

Download Politics and the US Election (PDF)

Wear high heels or go home: gender discrimination at work

Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 1 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 2 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 3
B2/C1 Complete lesson Vocabulary work clothes; skills: gender discrimination; grammar: reported speech.

Download Workplace gender discrimination (PDF)

English grammar notes

Comparison with as...as

Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 1 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 2 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 3
Download English grammar notes: comparison with as...as (PDF)