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About ELTbase

ELT base is a resource database for teachers of English as a foreign / second language. Teaching resources are catalogued against an index of language points allowing users to access the database in a variety of ways:

• By browsing or searching for specific language points. For example, a grammar point such as 'present perfect', a function such as 'suggestions', or a skills topic such as 'food'.

• By browsing the different types of resources available - printed materials, online quizzes, matching activities, picture sets and so on.

• By starting with the unit of the book for which you want materials and following the links to the language points covered.

Resources that relate to an item in the book rather than a language point - a vocabulary exercise that revises or pre-teaches vocabulary for a listening in that unit, for example - are listed on the unit page.

Contact ELTbase

For any enquiries regarding ELTbase.com, please contact
Alex Stringer: alstringer2002@yahoo.co.uk