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Level 2 - movies, music and books quiz

Complete the sentences or answer the questions.
1  When I was a child I liked reading ___________ ; now I read ___________
 novels, story books
 story books, novels
 fiction books, story books
 fairy tales, story books
2  I liked the music in the film so much, I went out and bought
 the DVD
 the disc
 the soundtrack
 the musical
3  Leonardo diCaprio ___________ Jack in Titanic
4  The film________________________ two brothers who love the same woman.
 is talk about
 is about
 is talking about
5  I find thrillers
 very scary
 very horrible
 very exciting
 very terrible
6  Jackie Chan is famous for
 Chinese fighting movies
 sci-fi movies
 horror films
 martial arts movies
7  The Harry Potter films have been
 a great box-office success
8  The Harry Potter books are
 a great box-office success
 market leaders
9  Anna and the King
 is take place in Thailand
 is set in Thailand
 is happen in Thailand
 was happened in Thailand
10  I liked the book Rebecca, so much that
 I couldn't put it down
 I couldn't tpick it up
 I couldn't put it up
 I picked it up