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Level 3 - Narrative tenses quiz : a creepy story

The sentences on this page make a complete story so read all of them before you start choosing the correct verb forms.
1  This happened about ten years ago. I _______________ with a college friend, Sarah, in the country.
 was staying
 had stayed
 have been staying
2  They ____________ a very large old country house a few miles from Cambridge
 recently bought
 have recently bought
 had recently bought
 had been buying
3  and she ______________me down to see it.
 had invited
 had been inviting
 was inviting
4  Anyway, it was a dark, winter afternoon and we _____________ in the sitting room.
 have been chatting
 were chatting
 had chatted
5  Sarah's mum ____________________ a little while earlier, so we were alone in the house.
 went shopping
 had been shopping
 had gone shopping
 had been going shopping
6  Then, to our surprise we ____________ someone walking around in the room above.
 have heard
 had heard
 had been hearing
7  But Sarah said, 'Oh I expect Mum _________________ something - she always does.'
 has forgotten
 had forgotten
 was forgetting
8  So we took no notice and ___________________ talking.
 had carried on
 were carrying on
 have been carrying on
 carried on
9  Imagine our surprise when five minutes later, we _________Sarah's mum's car driving up to the house!
 had seen
 had been seeing
10  So who...or what...______________ around upstairs?
 had walked
 had been walking
 was walking