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Christmas Quiz

Choose the answer you think is correct.
1  The day after Christmas Day is known as
 Christmas Eve.
 Boxing Day.
 St Paul's Day.
 Shrove Tuesday.
2  Traditional Christmas dinner in the UK and many other countries includes
 roast duck and noodles.
 roast beef and carrots.
 roast turkey and brussels sprouts.
 fish, chips and peas.
3  Traditional or religious songs sung at Christmas are called
4  Mistletoe is a plant used to decorate homes at Christmas. If a man and a woman stand beneath it,
 they must marry.
 they must kiss.
 the man must give the woman money.
 the woman must ask the man to dance.
5  In many countries Christmas day is on 25th December. It Russia it is on
 24 December- because the people are very religious.
 7 January - because the Russian church uses the Julian calendar.
 31 March - so that it coincides with the end of the financial year.
 15 October - because the communists changed it in 1917.
6  Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way / Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open
7  Father Christmas (Santa Claus) lives in
 The Czech Republic.
 The North Pole.
8  He rides in a sleigh pulled by
9  Another name for the religious festival of Christmas is
 the Mass (celebrating the Last Supper).
 the Nativity (from a Latin root meaning 'birth').
 the Epiphany (celebrating the three wise men).
 the Resurrection (celebrating Christ's return to life).
10  On Christmas Eve, children put ____________ at the end of their beds for presents.
 some holly
 a stocking
 a box