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Past modals and other phrases for obligation, permission, prohibition etc.

Choose the best phrase to complete the sentences about Gilbert and Mildred's holiday.
1  We ________________ our tickets two months in advance because it was peak time.
 should have booked
 could book
 had to book
 were allowed to book
2  We ____________ to find a taxi at the airport because the hotel sent a minibus to pick us up.
 had to
 didn't have to
 were allowed to
3  The weather was very hot the whole time. We ___________ a month later when it's cooler.
 shouldn't have gone
 should have gone
 had to go
 hadn't to go
4  Very few people spoke English so it was difficult to communicate. I __________ some Spanish.
 could learn
 had to learn
 didn't have to learn
 should have learned
5  We _________ climb to the top of the church tower because they said it was dangerous.
 weren't allowed to
 had not to
 didn't have to
6  On the last day we took a boat trip out to a beautiful island. We __________ extra but it was worth it.
 must pay
 could pay
 should have paid
 had to pay
7  The local wine was really good. I _______________ some back for you but I forgot.
 should have brought
 had to bring
 should bring
 could bring
8  The food was excellent and we ______________ for anything because all meals were included.
 shouldn't pay
 coouldn't pay
 didn't have to pay
 should have paid
9  The cave paintings were amazing but we ___________ photos because flash light can damage them.
 couldn't take
 didn't have to take
 mustn't take
 shouldn't take
10  We nearly missed the airport bus coming back. We _________ so long in the shopping centre.
 hadn't to spend
 shouldn't have spent
 wasn't allowed to spend
 couldn't spend