grammar  >  have sthg done

subject + have + object + past participle

He's had his hair cut.
We're having the flat redecorated.
I had my wallet stolen.

I've had my hair cut
We're having the flat redecorated
Where can I have a coat dry cleaned around here?

General use of have sthg done


This structure is used :

(1) when you arrange for someone to do something for you.
(2) when something happens to something you own or a part of you. This is often something bad.

Examples (1)
(1) Vicky had her hair cut - A hairdresser cut Vicky's hair.

Compare with :
Vicky cut her hair - Vicky cut her own hair.

Examples (2) :
He had his bike stolen - Someone stole his bike.
(He would not normally arrange for his bike to be stolen.)
have sthg done or get sthg done?


get sthg done is less formal than have sthg done

We use get sthg done when we are talking about something bad that happened that wasn't done by another person :

He got his trousers caught on the fence - he caught his trousers on the fence.

get sthg doneis not normally used with the present perfect tense :

I always get / have my hair cut at Sarah's Salon.
I got / had my hair cut at Sarah's Salon.
I'm going to get / have my hair cut at Sarah's Salon.

I've had my hair cut not I've got my hair cut