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Articles quiz 1

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Why do some country names have 'the'?
Wordcount: 860; Flesch reading ease: 52
Gap fill exercises
Articles : complete the text
Complete the text about Hong Kong by deciding whether the nouns require articles and if so, which ones.
Quizzes - multiple choice / short answer
Articles quiz with places (geography)
Sixteen-question, 2-option MC quiz
Articles quiz with places
29-question, 2-choice mulitple-choice quiz. Title (Articles with geogrhapical names) misleading - it's for all kinds of places including hotels, streets (and ships). Doesn't point out difference between places as physical places and places as insitutions
Articles multiple-choice quiz
Focuses on the difference between physical places (e.g. the school) and institutions (e.g. school)
Articles quiz - long
Sixty-question multiple-choice quiz covering most of the basic rules including some for places and times