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Phrasal verbs quiz 05

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Quizzes - multiple choice / short answer
Phrasal verbs with get
23-question phrasal verb quiz. **Question 3 - 'Children mustn't get ....... strangers' cars' gives the answer as 'in' rather than 'into'
Phrasal verbs with look
20-question multiple-choice quiz
Phrasal verbs (travel and holidays) quiz 1
Ten-question MC quiz.
Phrasal verbs quiz 1
Questions: 10; Type: MC; Vocabulary: bottle up, come up with, flick through, get down, pick up, put across, put up with, sort out, talk through, think through
Phrasal verbs quiz 2
Questions: 20; Type: short answer; Vocabulary: break down, burn down, clear up, come out, come up with get down to, get on, get over, go for, go off, join in, keep up, look after, look up, put on, set off take off, take up, try on, turn up
Phrasal verbs quiz 3
Questions: 20; Type: short answer; Vocabulary: call back, carry on, come across, come over, come up with, count on, dawn on, drive away, end up, get over, give up, let down, look into, make up, pick up, put off, see through, take after, think over, use up
Phrasal verbs quiz 4
Questions: 25; Type: MC Vocabulary: come across, come off, come on, come over, come up, get off, get on, get over, get through to, go down, go off, go on, go through, make over, make up, put across, put down, put on, put through, put up, take on, take over, take up,