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Used to / be used to / get used to quiz

Gap-fill exercise

Fill each gap with the correct form of 'used to', 'be used to' or 'get used to'.
Don't use contractions (I'm, I've etc. - write the long forms - I am, I have).
Press "Check" to check your answers.
Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
I’ve been living in England for five years and I think I can say that now I the way of life. But when I first came here from Hong Kong, there were many things it took me a long time to . Hong Kong is very compact and I going to the shops whenever I wanted. If I was at home and I found I’d forgotten something, I just go downstairs to the nearest convenience store. But in England the nearest shop might be a ten-minute drive away. I could not this at first and sometimes, in my first few weeks I go hungry at night because I’d forgotten to buy something to eat on the way home!

The language was also difficult. I speaking English in Hong Kong, but I couldn’t some of the accents in England. Where I’m living now, many people have quite a strong local accent. They are very friendly and always talk, but when I first got here, I couldn’t understand a word. I nod my head and smile, pretending I could understand. Now, after five years, I’ve just about the accent, but there’s one thing I’ll never : the weather. In Hong Kong I only wear a coat for a few weeks in the winter; now I wear one for half the year!
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