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Past tenses gap-fill exercise

Fill the gaps with the correct form of verb in brackets. Most of the verbs are irregular - a few are regular.

Last year I (fly) to Greece to visit my sister who lives on a beautiful island. The flight (take) three hours but it only
(cost) me twenty pounds as it was a special deal on the Internet. My sister (meet) us at the airport and we (drive) to her house near the beach.

Every day we (sunbathe) and (swim) on the beautiful deserted beach. We (spend) the evenings chatting in her garden while we (eat) seafood and (drink) the delicious local white wine.

One day I (swim) out to a small island . When I (come) back to the beach I (feel) tired so I went to sleep. Once, while I was half asleep I (think) I (hear) someone moving nearby but I (can't) see anyone. I (wake) up an hour later and guess what? I couldn't find my clothes anywhere. Someone had stolen them! My watch was gone too, and my purse. But I had only (bring) a few dollars for drinks and snacks so I didn't lose much. I (run) to the village, which fortunately was just up the road, and (buy) a towel at a beach shop to dry myself. Then I went back to my sister's house.

The experiece (teach) me to take more care of my things.
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