present perfect in correspondence - complaint letter

Fill in all the gaps with a suitable form of the verb in brackets. Choose from past simple and present perfect. (Remember, there are no contractions I've, he's etc. in formal business letters.)

Dear Mr Harrison,

I am writing to complain about the work that you (carry out) at our offices at 106 Delia Street from 1 - 5 December last year.

You will recall that your workmen were supposed to repair the sealing around the windows in the second floor conference room.
This work (appear) to be satisfactory at first. However, the sealing (now / deteriorate) and for the past month water (come) in every time it .(rain)

I (call) your office a number of times over the past week only to get a recorded message each time. Although I (leave) my number and a message each time I still (not / reveive) a reply.

I would be grateful if you would call me on 2901 4304 as soon as possible to arrange a time for the work to be redone.

Yours faithfully,

C M Jenkins
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