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Present perfect, past simple, past continuous gap-fill exercise 2

Complete the short dialogue by filling each gap with the correct verb form. Some of the verbs are in brackets to help you.

Kate: 'Have you ever really frightened?

Mat: 'Yes, I . Many times! But I think the worst time about ten years ago when I on holiday in Spain with my parents.'

Kate: 'What ?' (happen)

Mat: 'Well, we (drive) to Madrid, the capital, (visit) some friends who (live) there.
We were late, so we (go) quite fast. Suddenly a dog out onto the road in front of us. My dad (put) his
foot on the brake and the car (skid) It (make) a terrible noise and we (hit) a fence at the side of the road.'

Kate: 'Oh no. anyone hurt?'

Mat: 'Fortunately not. Not even the dog! But the car damaged slightly.'

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