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Biography - Jerry Yang

Gap-fill exercise

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Clues to some words are in brackets.
Verbs in brackets need to be put in the correct tense.
Jerry Yang, the co- (noun: person who sets up a company) of Yahoo!, (bear) on November 6, 1968 in Taipei, Taiwan. His father (die) when he was two. He (move) to San Jose, California at the of ten with his mother and younger brother. He claimed that although his mother was an English teacher, he only knew one English word – shoe – when he (arrive) in the United States.
Yang graduated from Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose and went on to Bachelors and Masters of Science (noun: qualification) in electrical engineering at Stanford University.
While he (study) at Stanford, he created a website called "Jerry and Dave's Guide to the World Wide Web" with his friend David Filo. This was a directory of other websites on the Internet. Later they (verb: give something a new name) it "Yahoo!" and the site soon became very popular.
Yang and Filo realized the business potential and (verb: set up) the company Yahoo! Inc. in April 1995. Yahoo was soon one of the leading (two words: website for finding other websites) on the Internet. The site offered users email, chat and a host of other content and services. Jerry Yang’s salary as CEO of Yahoo! was, famously, just one dollar a year
On November 17, 2008, The Wall Street Journal reported that Jerry Yang would (phrasal verb: resign) as CEO of Yahoo! as soon as the company found a replacement. He had been criticized by many investors for not increasing revenues and the Yahoo! stock price.
Since leaving Yahoo!, Yang has served as a director of the multinational IT firm, Cisco Systems, the Chinese business-to-business website Alibaba, and Yahoo! Japan.
Jerry Yang met his Japanese wife, Akiko Yamazaki while he was at Stanford in 1992. She is a director with the Wildlife Conservation Network. In February 2007, the couple (verb: give) $75 million to their old university, Stanford.
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