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Parts of the body vocabulary quiz 1

Stage 1: the face - simple

More on physical features

Resources page for physical features

Parts of the body - external
Suitable for intermediate levels + (1) hand; (2) shoulder; (3) forehead; (4) neck; (5) finger; (6) thumb; (7) wrist; (8) elbow; (9) breast; (10) stomach / tummy; (11) thigh; (12) knee; (13) shin; (14) toe; (15) calf; (16) ankle; (17) foot; (18) bottom / backside; (19) back; (20) upper arm; (21) forearm
Body parts quiz
Simple parts of the body quiz with pictures
Facial features quiz 2

Related topic: illness / injury
Health problems quiz 1
Twelve-questions multiple-choice quiz
Health problems - quiz 2

Related topic: health - physical
Interview: healthy drinks
Canadian woman talks about her favourite drinks and their health benefits
Jeff talks about leading a healthy lifestyle
Dialogue: Canadian male talks about what he does to lead a healthy lifestyle
Doctor slang is a dying art
2003 article about the cryptic acronyms used by doctors in notes for other doctors. Plenty of slang, metaphor etc. Amusing but advanced levels only