Restaurant Language Quiz 1


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Related topic: eating out / restaurants
Interview: eating in restaurants
Includes what the speaker looks for in restaurants
Restaurant dialogue
Restaurant role play - choosing dishes, ordering, getting bill.
Restaurant Language Quiz 1
Fifteen-question multiple-choice quiz.
Robot Chef
In-depth study of a short BBC news item about robot chefs and waiting staff in a restaurant in China. Focuses on vocabulary.Includes exercise.
Related topic: food and drink
Food collocations quiz
Nine-question multiple-choice quiz
Food collocations quiz 2
Matching exercise for adjectives and nouns collocating with food, meal, dish, flavour, menu, plate
Related topic: food and drink
EF podenglish : diet
Intermediate level teaching video with people talking about their diets.
Interview: a former chef
A woman who used to be a chef talks about her experiences working in restaurants
Interview: types of sushi
Japanese man talks about ordering sushi in restaurnats
Interview: a Brit on British food
Ex pat Brit talks about food from home he misses
Interview: food for skiiers in Canada
As it says
Interview: lunch
Woman talks about her lunch preferences (eating out)
Interview: healthy drinks
Canadian woman talks about her favourite drinks and their health benefits
Interview: Italian food
Woman talks about different kinds of Italian food
Interview: a former baker talks
...about baking BREAD! Routine, likes and dislikes
Interview: New Zealand food
New Zealander talks about home favourites
Planning a meal
An Australian and a Mexican discuss the ingredients they need to buy for a Mexican meal.
Sweet or savoury?
Vox pops: Do you prefer sweet or savoury food?
Coffee or tea?
Vox pops: What is best - coffee or tea?
Slide show - famous dishes
1. Paella 2. Borsch 3. Felafel 4. Tiramisu 5. Chicken Tikka 6 and 7. Haggis 8. Wurst and sauerkraut