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grammar perfect and continuous tenses  
29 Oct 2016
 Perfect aspect - correction cards

Twenty-eight cards with sentences for correction with answers. Can be done as a board game or simple group activity.

grammar going to (prediction)  
25 May 2016
 Predictions with be going to

Sixteen strips with predictions using be going to either cut in half or question/statement + response. Can be (1) cut up and used as a matching or
(2) one student reads out left side and other(s) complete the right side. Dominoes version also included

functions recommendations  
07 Apr 2016
 Making recommendations - practice

Eleven strips, each with a problem. Students take it in turns to read out their strip. The others in the group make recommendations.

vocabulary phrasal verbs  
01 Mar 2016
 Phrasal verbs - snakes and ladders cards

45 snakes and ladders cards for these verbs:
come, get, go, make, put, take
and these particles:
across, on, off, up, down, over, through
Answers on cards.

skills urban myths  
28 Feb 2016
 Urban myth - Spider bite!

Eighteen-line shocker about a girl who gets bitten by a spider.
Story ordering: 18 strips - can be reduced to12 by removing those marked*, or expanded to around 25 by cutting longer sentences.
Paired dictation.

grammar used to / get used to  
01 Jan 2016
 Used to - get used to guessing game

Students read out situations containing used to / get used to for others to guess.

grammar modals of deduction  
04 Feb 2015
 Deductions dominoes (present time)

Set of 12 matching dominoes for possibility in the present: must, may, might, could

grammar have sthg done  
09 Apr 2014

grammar wish - past  third conditional  hypothetical situations  
functions regrets  
21 Mar 2014
 Regrets game - wish and third conditional

Seven cards with simple situations. Students take one each and write regrets from the prompts I wish Ihad... / hadn't... and If I had... / hadn't...
They then read out their regrets and the others have to guess the situation.

grammar present tenses  
24 Oct 2013
 Present tense squares - correction / speaking

Sixteen squares with sentences for correction. Answers provided. Cut up and do in groups of 3 / 4. Covers present simple, present continuous and present perfect and touches on stative and dynamic verbs