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ELTbase language notes

Notes from other sources

Notes on -ed / -ing adjectives
Basic set of notes on ed / ing adjectives in the Language Point reference section of the BBC Learning English mini-serial The Flatmates
BBC world service learning english
Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives
Clear and fairly comprehensive set of notes
Brief set of notes covering types and function, position and adverbial clauses.
BBC world service learning english
Adverbs (detailed notes)
Comprehensive set of notes but some odd ideas at times (the quiz). 'We rarely see this kind of talent on a small-town high school baseball team,' is judged incorrect for the placement of the adverb.
Guide to Grammar and Writing (Capital Community College, Hartford, CT)
Discourse markers - definition
Fairly comprehensive definition from Wikipedia
Students' questions about modals
a list of questions posted and answered on the BBC Learning English website
BBC world service learning english
There is / there + list - singular or plural?
Informed and intelligent forum discussion concerning the correct use of singular and plural nouns when 'there is / are' is followed by a list of items.
English Language & use


Notes from other sources

Words with different meanings in American and British English, A - L
Detailed list British, American and common meanings
Words with different meanings in American and British English, M - Z
Detailed list with American, British and common meanings
Notes on collocations
Notes with some examples and questions. Includes a link to a collocations quiz. I haven't added this separately as there seems to be a slight problem with the feedback
Frankfurt Internation School guide to learning English


Notes from other sources

Letters of Complaint - notes
Good concise set of notes with downloadable examples
Oxford Dictionaries
Notes, examples and online exercise
Brief reference notes, two examples and an interactive exercise
English Language Centre - CILL - PolyU Hong Kong
Punctuation marks
In-depth discussion of punctuation (and grammar) with exercises. Intended for students at the University of Bristol.
University of Bristol


Notes from other sources