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quiz (36)

prepositions of time  
Prepositions - Time
Long (76-question) MC quiz on prepositions of time

prepositions after verbs  
Prepositions with verbs
MC quiz - 37 questions

prepositions after adjectives  
Prepositions after Adjectives
MC quiz - 22 questions

Crimes and criminals
MC quiz - 10 questions - names of crimes and the people who commit them

If or unless quiz
Fourteen-question MC quiz - real conditionals

Articles quiz - long
Sixty-question multiple-choice quiz covering most of the basic rules including some for places and times

get - different uses of  
phrasal verbs  
Phrasal verbs with get
23-question phrasal verb quiz. **Question 3 - 'Children mustn't get ....... strangers' cars' gives the answer as 'in' rather than 'into'

phrasal verbs  
Phrasal verbs with look
20-question multiple-choice quiz

bring and take  
Bring, take and fetch
Multiple-choice quiz

reported speech  
Reported speech quiz
Fifteen-question multiple-choice quiz focusing on: (1) tense and time (2) ask / tell that vs ask / tell smbdy to do sthg

Directions quiz
11-question mulitple-choice quiz focusing mainly on prepositions

will - future uses  
going to (prediction)  
going to - future intentions  
Will and going to quiz
Ten-question multiple-choice quiz.

defining relative clauses  
Relative pronouns quiz
Tests knowledge of both defining and non-defining relative clauses

defining relative clauses  
adjectives ending in -ed and -ing  
Adjectives ing or ed - short quiz
Two-option, ten-question multiple choice quiz

order of adjectives  
Adjectives order short quiz
Twelve-question, 2-option MC quiz

Articles quiz with places (geography)
Sixteen-question, 2-option MC quiz

linkers - contrast  
Contrast linkers - although, though, despite and however
Three-choice, 13-question multiple choice quiz.

linkers - cause and effect  
comparative and superlative adjectives  
gerund / infinitive  
Multiple choice quiz (stop, regret, try etc.)
Two-choice, 9-question quiz focusing on problem verbs :forget, stop, regret etc.

get - different uses of  
passive voice  
Multiple choice (analysis) quiz
Fourteen 2-choice questions in which users have to choose the correct explanation of what the sentences mean

passive voice  
Passives - multiple choice quiz (advanced)
Fifteen-question, 2-option quiz including present perfect, modal auxiliaries etc.

present perfect tense  
Present perfect or past simple? (long quiz)
Fifty two question, 2-option past simple vs present perfect quiz

Money quiz
Ten-question multiple choice quiz including collocations

modal auxiliary verbs  
Multiple-choice modal auxiliary verbs quiz
Ten-question, two-choice modals quiz (easy)

auxiliary verbs  
Auxiliary verbs quiz
15 question multiple-choice quiz

present simple - present meanings  
Present simple quiz
Present simple quiz

Conditionals quiz
Simple multiple-choice quiz on open, first, second and third conditionals

question tags  
adverbs - word order  
Adverbs - position quiz
14-question mulitple-choice quiz

Articles quiz with places
29-question, 2-choice mulitple-choice quiz. Title (Articles with geogrhapical names) misleading - it's for all kinds of places including hotels, streets (and ships). Doesn't point out difference between places as physical places and places as insitutions

Sports vocabulary quiz
Ten-question multiple-choice quiz - words connected with sports rather than the names of sports - 'win' 'lose' 'referee' etc

indirect questions  
Indirect questions
Ten-question multiple-choice quiz (includes some indirect statements).

linkers - contrast  

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