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English Pronunciation - "The Chaos" by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenité
Poem demonstrating many of the irregularities of English pronunciation.

What's in at the moment? (BBC Express English)
People on the street answer the questions.

ODN - news
Major UK commercial television news station. Large selection of recent and archived news stories, many with English subtitles (marked CC)

How To Do The World's Best Banana Trick
Two-minute video on how to do produce a banana that is already sliced when peeled.

information technology  
Living without technology - Susan Maushart on Today Tonight
Writer and social commentator Susan Maushart talks about how she banned computers and other technology from her family (three teenagers) for six months.

feelings / emotions  
Make Yourself Happier Using Only A Pencil - Pleasure and Pain with
Michael Moseley in the streets of Edinburgh demonstrating how stimulating the smile muscles, here with a pencil, can trick the brain into feeling pleasure. No captions.

history of science  
Galileo's theory
Clip from cartoon about Galileo in which he explains heliocentrism. Length: 2:17

The Trolley Problem
Short video with animation and narration describing the well-known trolley problem moral dilemma. (Simple switch and pushing man over bridge.)

Would You Kill Baby Hitler?
Short video in which psychologist Kevin Dutton discusses a number of moral dilemmas and how both psychopaths and 'normal' people approach them. Time: 4:45

Corruption: The Economic Impact
Professor Joe Nellis discusses this question. Time: 6:54

Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 2 Opinions
People in the street answer three questions about advice. Are you the kind of person who asks other people for advice? What’s the best or worst advice you’ve ever been given? What would be your best advice for living a happy life?

travel / holidays  
Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 3 Places
People in the street answer three questions about travel. Tell us about travelling and your favourite places. Do you have any holidays or trips planned? Do you have a regular haunt that you like to visit?

Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 4 Justice
People in the street answer questions about justice. Have they ever had reason to contact the police? Have they ever broken the law? What legal or social issues concern you the most? If you could introduce a law in your country or community what would it be?

Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 5 Secrets
People in the street answer three questions about secrets. Are you good at keeping secrets? Is it ever a good thing to keep a secret from someone? Do they have a secret talent that their friends or family don’t know about?

social trends  
tastes and preferences  
Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 6 Trends
People in the street answer three questions about trends in fashion and music. Are they interested in music and fashion? Tell me about a music trend or style that you love or hate. Tell me about a fashion trend that you love or hate.

Speakout Advanced Unit 1 - family
People in the street answer three questions about family. 1. Do you spend much time with your family? 2. Have you inherited any family characteristics? 3. Does your family history play a part in your sense of who you are?

Bad Public Speaking Example 1
What is says - university student gives rambling presentation on marketing

information technology  
The first personal computer
Part of documentary programme about the history of the IT revolution dealing with the Altair Computer (1975), regarded as the first PC.

food and drink  
EF podenglish : diet
Intermediate level teaching video with people talking about their diets.

travel / holidays  
Michael Palin - Full Circle - Machu Picchu
3:04 Difficult in parts - spoken prose, softly spoken interlocutor

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