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Is it better to have a big or small family?
Six people discuss the question.

image and self-image  
Do you worry about your appearance?
Nine people with different accents, native speaker and non-native speaker, answer the question. Comprehension quiz can be found on the right of the webpage. Use the +/- buttons to show or hide the script.

travel / holidays  
Two Canadians talk about backpackers and compare them to tourists and other travellers

travel / holidays  
Travel preferences
American speaker interviews British speakers about her travel preferences

romance / relationships  
sexual attraction  
Bad boys
listen / read to text on why women are supposed to prefer 'bad' boys

Life goals
Swedish speaker talks about what he'd like to achieve

marriage / weddings  
Why do people get married?
Man and woman discuss marriage

romance / relationships  
Chance encounter
Man(N Amecian accent) talks about how he met his wife.

marriage / weddings  
International marriage
Man (New Zealand accent) married to a Japanese woman talks about marriage.

health - physical  
Jeff talks about leading a healthy lifestyle
Dialogue: Canadian male talks about what he does to lead a healthy lifestyle

Swiss Santa
Swiss woman talks about Santa Claus in Switzerland

Canadian Santa
Canadian man compares Christmas traditions in Canada with Switzerland (see elllo.org 838)

Bargain shopping
Two men talking about haggling at markets in Thailand

food and drink  
Planning a meal
An Australian and a Mexican discuss the ingredients they need to buy for a Mexican meal.

A room to rent
Dialogue. Woman rents room in shared house. Australian native speaker and Spanish? speaker.

information technology  
Jeff talks about technology
Two speakers discuss the disadvantages of technology (Male. N American accents)

information technology  
Phil talks about gadgets
Speaker talks about the gadgets he uses and why he uses them. (Male. British accent)

What do you waste money on?
Six people talk briefly on what they waste money on. Transcript available.

Are you good at saving money?
Six people talk briefly on whether they are good at saving money. Transcript available.

Cash or credit?
An American and a native English speaking Czech discuss the pros and cons of cash and credit cards. Script available.

food and drink  
Interview: a former chef
A woman who used to be a chef talks about her experiences working in restaurants

food and drink  
Interview: types of sushi
Japanese man talks about ordering sushi in restaurnats

food and drink  
Interview: a Brit on British food
Ex pat Brit talks about food from home he misses

food and drink  
eating out / restaurants  
Interview: eating in restaurants
Includes what the speaker looks for in restaurants

food and drink  
Interview: lunch
Woman talks about her lunch preferences (eating out)

food and drink  
health - physical  
Interview: healthy drinks
Canadian woman talks about her favourite drinks and their health benefits

food and drink  
Interview: Italian food
Woman talks about different kinds of Italian food

food and drink  
Interview: a former baker talks
...about baking BREAD! Routine, likes and dislikes

food and drink  
Interview: New Zealand food
New Zealander talks about home favourites

eating out / restaurants  
Restaurant dialogue
Restaurant role play - choosing dishes, ordering, getting bill.

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