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Famous achievers
Seven famous people who have significant achievements: Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg, Deng Xiao Ping, JK Rowling, Mother Theresa, Lee Lai Shan, Neil Armstrong

Rubbish - slide show
rubbish; litter; junk; scrap (metal); bottle bank; (rubbish) food scraps; industrial waste; compost; dustcart; dustman; bottle bank; skip

Film genres
10 pictures illustrating film genres

travel / holidays  
Holiday destinations picture set (10 pix)
Eiffel Tower; Grand Canyon; Colisseum, Rome; Phuket, Thailand; Taj Mahal; Pyramids and Sphinx; Red Sqare with Kremlin and St Basil's; Serengeti, Tanzania; Big Ben; Uluru / Ayer's Rock, Australia

Football slide show
pitch; stadium; team; goalkeeper / save; fans / supporters; score a goal; score / two-nil; foul / tackle; referee / red card / send off; hooligans

Films slide show
10 pictures from famous films ET; Anna and the King; Pirates of the Caribbean; Pretty Woman; The Sound of Music; Jurassic Park; Gone with the Wind; A Better Tomorrow; Four Weddings and a Funeral; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Sports and leisure picture set
Set of 12 pictures showing sports and energetic leisure activities

food and drink  
Slide show - famous dishes
1. Paella 2. Borsch 3. Felafel 4. Tiramisu 5. Chicken Tikka 6 and 7. Haggis 8. Wurst and sauerkraut

present perfect tense - present relevance  
Recent events slide show
Set of 10 photographs that can be used to present or practice language such as present perfect for recent events: 'She has broken her leg' etc

past simple tense  
Historical events
Photo presentation showing famous historical events with a date (4 so far)

Photograhy slide show
Seventeen famous photographs - mostly historical events. (1 Title page) 2 The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, London. August 1969. Iain Macmillan. 3 Bliss, Napa County, California. Date unknown. Charles O'Rear. 4 Hiroshima, Three Weeks after the Bomb, 1945. George Silk. 5 V-J Day, Times Square a.k.a The Kiss. Alfred Eisenstaedt. 1945. 6 East German soldier Conrad Schumann leaps the Berlin Wall, August 15, 1961. Peter Liebing. 7 Earthrise from Apollo 8, December 24, 1968. William Anders. 8 Einstein with his tongue out. Arthur Sasse. 1951. 9 Execution of a Viet Kong fighter (Nguyen Van Lam) by Saigon police chief Lt Col Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Eddie Adams, 1968. 10 Vietnamese monk, Thich Quang Duc, sets fire to himself, Saigon, 1963. Malcolm Browne. 11 The Hindenburg airship explodes, Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey. May, 1937. Murray Becker. 12 Dali Anatomicus. Philippe Halsman. 1948. 13 Migrant Mother, United States, 1936. Dorothea Lange. 14 The Tetons - Snake River. Ansel Adams. 1942. 15 Window, Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, England. Henry Fox Talbot. 1835. 16 Berlin Wall, 11 November, 1989. Magnum Photos. 17 Loch Ness Monster. Ian Wetherell. 1934. 18 South of DMZ, Vietnam. 1966. Larry Burrows.

homes / houses  
Homes - exteriors
19 slides showing mainly British homes ranging from a high-rise block through cottages, semi-detached houses to castles and palaces

travel / holidays  
Travel picture set
Set of 12 pictures. (1) The Lourvre; (2) a cable car in the Alps; (3)The Blue Mosque Instanbul; (4) The Niagara Falls; (5)Ramses Temple, Aswan, Egypt; (6) The Taj Mahal; (7) Canals, Venice; (8} The Leaning Tower of Pisa; (9) The Winter Palace, St Petersgu

Festivals slide show
Slide show - 6 pictures: (1) Pamplona - running of the bulls; (2) Guy Fawkes night - England; (3) Thailand - Songkran; (4) Spain - Tomatina; (5) Mexico - the day of the dead; (6) England - Glastonbury

Set of 8 paintings: (1) Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) - Mona Lisa (2) Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) - Three Musicians (3) Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890) - Vase with Twelve Sunflowers (4) Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919) - Luncheon of the Boating Party (5) Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) - The Last Supper (6) Salvadore Dali (1904 - 1989) - The Persistence of Memory (7) (artist unknown) - example of collage (8) (artist unknown) - example of abstract paining

deductions / guesses  
Picture slide show - guesses and deductions
Set of 9 pictures. Deductions can be made about place, time and in some cases, what has happened.

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