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With the introduction of a login system, the following features will be available to registered users:

Lesson planning and course building

Create, share (optional) and save online lesson plans and add materials from the database.

Organize lessons plans into complete courses. Build a syllabus of language points and automatically link in all the resources of the database.

Classpages for your students

With your online courses and lessons in place, the next simple stage is to link these to an online classpage for your students. This will enable you to provide your students with a tailor-made online supplement to their class lessons. Among the features you can offer are:

* summaries of past lessons, homework etc

* handouts from your classes available for download

* online activities - quizzes etc. - to supplement class lessons

* extra skills material - video, reading etc to supplement skills topics covered in class.
Much of this material can be drawn directly from the ELT base database and will already be
indexed against your lesson topic

* online calendars of assignments, exams etc

See example classpage

Note It is intended that registration will be entirely free of charge and will require no more than a valid email address.

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