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A course is a collection of lessons that you have created.
Note This feature is under development. The following fuctions will shortly be added:

* Adding other documents to a course such as administrative information, handouts, exams etc.
* Adding books to a course so that the book link appears in every lesson of the course

creating a course

Click the 'New couse' icon and give the course a name.

Optionally, you can give the course a level from the drop-down list. (This has no use beyond simply indicating the course's level in the course list at present, but in the future it will be possible to use this to filter resouces)

adding lessons to a course

Go to the lessons list and check the boxes of any lessons you would like to add to a particular course.

From the drop-down menu marked 'with selected' at the bottom left of the list, choose 'copy to course'. Then select the course to which you want to add the lesson from the drop-down list on the right. Click 'go' to add the lesson(s) to the course.

You can add as many lessons as you like, but you can only add to one course at a time.

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