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Adverbs of degree


The following ESL resources are available for Adverbs of degree:

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Adverbs of degree quiz (1207)
Fifteen-question MC quiz: very, really, quite, a bit, too, enough



Photocopiable resource books

Advanced Communication Games book cover 

Advanced Communication Games 

Jill Hadfield   
6 Try it out!  Page 6 
Students discuss the relative advantages of various pictured objects for performing tasks and choose one object for each task (e.g. a coat hanger for unblocking a sink etc.)
Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate book cover 

Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate 

Will Forsyth   Sue Lavender   
66 - 67 So and such  Pages 66 - 67
So and such.

Grammar books with exercises

Developing Grammar in Context book cover 

Developing Grammar in Context 

Mark Nettle   Diana Hopkins   
38 Too, very, enough, so and such  Pages 223 - 228

ESL lesson plans

Politics and the US Election

Complete lesson Vocabulary: politics, elections; skills: political issues.
US Election ESL worksheet 1 US Election ESL worksheet 2 US Election ESL worksheet 3 US Election ESL worksheet 4
Download Politics and the US Election (PDF)

Gender discrimination at work

Complete lesson Vocabulary: work clothes; skills: gender discrimination; grammar: reported speech.
Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 1 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 2 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 3
Download Workplace gender discrimination (PDF)

English grammar notes

Comparison with as...as

Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 1 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 2 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 3
Download English grammar notes: comparison with as...as (PDF)