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Worksheets for ability
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Ability - business letter (414)
short business letter / email gapped for ability expressions


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Ability - reference sheet (415)
Notes on use of can and could for ability in past, present and future


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Ability - anecdote - the love boat (416)
Story with gaps - could / was able to / managed to etc


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Ability - anecdote - on the mountain (417)
Short story gapeed for ability phrases : can / was able to / managed to etc


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Photocopiable resource books

Elementary Grammar Games book cover Elementary Grammar Games 
Jill Hadfield   
32 - can and can't  Page 32 
Picture cards. Grouping task. Ss must arrange themselves into teams of particular types (sports, music etc,) according to the abilities each S is given on a picture card.

Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate book cover Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate 
Will Forsyth   Sue Lavender   
41 - 42 Modal verbs - could / be able to / managed to  Pages 41 - 42
Could, was able to and managed to for ability in the past.
35 Modal verbs - won't be able to / can't  Page 35 
Can't vs won't be able to

Intermediate Communication Games book cover Intermediate Communication Games 
Jill Hadfield   
19 - Sales reps  Page 19 
2 groups: reps and buyers. Buyers think of everyday problems; reps have cards with pics of (Heath-Robinson-ish) machines they must sell. ('You will be able to...')

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
20 Can you do it?  Page 20 
'Can' and 'could' for ability in the present and the past. (Mostly present)

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  book cover Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
27 Challenges  Page 27 
Teams must try out challenges and tick off statements (Student) can / can't (do challenge). Challenges include saying the alhpabet in 15 seconds and other language-related tasks

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