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linkers - contrast

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Worksheets for linkers - contrast

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linkers - sentence linking
Ss join pairs of sentences using coordinating conjunctions or adverbs...


linkers (mixed) sentence assembly
Cut up grid. Ss make nine senetences. Tests linkers for contrast...


contrast linkers - sentence assembly
Students arrange segments to make seven statements using different language...


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Online resources for linkers - contrast

 Contrast linkers - although, though, despite and however
Three-choice, 13-question multiple choice quiz.


 contrast linkers - short multiple choice test
Four-choice six question quiz for contrast linkers including linking prepositions.
BBC world service learning english


 contrast linkers - 'because' vs 'because of'
multiple-choice quiz


 contrast linkers matching exercise
Join the sentences or clauses containing contrast linking words and phrases.


Book references for linkers - contrast

General English course books (adults) 3
General English adult course resource packs 1

General English course books (adults)

 Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 6 Digital  Pages 60 - 51
(1) Exercise : ,matching two sentences or segments containing linkers. (2) Classifying linkers : addition, contrast, cause and effect (reason and result. (3) Adding linkers to short news paragraphs. (4) Essay writing: mobile phones, for and against.

 New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 
Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 8 Fame and fortune  Page 92 
Example sentences on the pros and cons of being rich and famous. Long text with multiple-choice exercise

 New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 6 Eat  Page 61   Linkers in writing

General English adult course resource packs

 Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
36 This may be your life  Page 36 
May, might, will. won't Class survey to compare people's predictions about their futures.
35 Meal-times  Page 35 
Questionnaire about eating habits. Students question their partners and then make statements contrasting eating habits