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health - physical

health - physical

See also:
skills: dieting
skills: smoking
vocabulary: illness / injury
vocabulary: physical features
skills: health - mental / psychological
skills: exercise and fitness
vocabulary: health
skills: healthcare
skills: science

Worksheets for health - physical
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Discussion questions - health (710)
Ten questions for discussion on health-related topics


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Revision of illness / injury etc (163)
Patient / doctor mini role-play. Ss in groups, read out patient strips in turns. Other Ss, as doctors, advise.



Reading passages for health - physicalPage top ↑
Doctor slang is a dying art (134)
2003 article about the cryptic acronyms used by doctors in notes for other doctors. Plenty of slang, metaphor etc. Amusing but advanced levels only



Audio for health - physicalPage top ↑
Interview: healthy drinks (59)
Canadian woman talks about her favourite drinks and their health benefits


Jeff talks about leading a healthy lifestyle (155)
Dialogue: Canadian male talks about what he does to lead a healthy lifestyle


Book references for health - physicalPage top ↑

General English course books (adults)

Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 4 Body  Pages 34 - 36
illness / injury / remedies; healthy lifestyle quiz;

New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 
Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Module 10 Take care  Pages 88 - 89
Health quiz - basic medical problems / first aid Collocations for doctor / patient situation Listening: Health helpline Speaking: Health helpline / patient role plays
Module 10 Take care  Pages 90 - 91
Reading: health care in the past - life expectancy, diseases, treatment etc.

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 
Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 2 Life's ups and downs  Pages 18 - 19  Reading and vocabulary
Discussion: things that are phsically and psychologically good and bad for you. Reading : So you know what's good for you. Pysical and psychological effects of various lifestyle factors including food, exercise, stress etc.

New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 4 Challenge  Page 42   Reading: I know it's bad for me but I still can't stop
Passage about someone half-heartedly trying to give up smoking
Unit 6 Eat  Page 60   Is it time to give up meat

Speaking / listening skills books

Real Listening & Speaking 3 book cover Real Listening & Speaking 3 
Miles Craven   
Unit 6 I've got a pain in my arm  Pages 30 - 32
Listening : doctor / patient conversations Language for describing health problems Saying what's wrong

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  book cover Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
29 What's the matter?  Page 29 
Health problems: cue cards with pictures. Students give negative / postive advice

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