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sexual attraction

sexual attraction

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skills: romance / relationships
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Reading passages for sexual attractionPage top ↑
Gaze 'key to facial attraction' (48)
BBC News / health / Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Partner choice 'shaped by father' (49)
BBC News / health / Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Right name 'improves sex appeal' (50)
Thursday, 12 August, 2004


Face values applied to love game (86)
BBC News: Wednesday, 9 April 2008 What men and women are attracted to in the faces of the opposite sex.



Audio for sexual attractionPage top ↑
Bad boys (341)
listen / read to text on why women are supposed to prefer 'bad' boys


Book references for sexual attractionPage top ↑

General English course books (adults)

Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 9 Attraction  Pages 78 - 79
(1) Reading: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? (2) Reading & speaking: speed dating (3) Listening : Blind Date (Cilla Black)

New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 
Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Module 5 Appearances  Pages 42 - 43
Reading passage on different ideas of male and female beauty Includes comprehension exercise on vocabulary for describing people

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