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leisure activities

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Worksheets for leisure activities
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Leisure activities (553)
Set of 24 (mostly) outdoor activity cards. Can be grouped or used for guessing games etc



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Spare time (690)
Vox pops: What do you do in your spare time?


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General English course books (adults)

New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 
Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Module 1 Leisure and lifestyle  Pages 6 - 7
Match pictues with leisure activities. Listen to survey of leisure activities and fill in table. Classify activites according to collocating verbs: do go, play etc
Module 11 The best things in life  Pages 98 - 99
Reading: When an interest becomes an obsession. People who take interests to extremes - collectors etc

Speaking / listening skills books

Just Listening and Speaking Upper Intermediate book cover Just Listening and Speaking Upper Intermediate 
Jeremy Harmer   Carol Lethaby   
Listening 6 - Things people do for fun  Pages 18 - 19
Pictures of five leisure activities, five people. Guess, listen, match pictures. Exercises on vocab / phrases from the scripts.
Listening 7 - Leisure centre  Pages 20 - 21
Recorded telephone information about a leisure centre : opening times, facilities etc.

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