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infinitive of purpose

Infinitive of purpose


The following ESL resources are available for Infinitive of purpose:


General English adult course resource packs

Reward Intermediate Resource Pack book cover 

Reward Intermediate Resource Pack 

Susan Kay   
33 How many uses can you think of?  Page 33 
10 prompts with picures. You can use an empty bottle...'
Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover 

Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 

Susan Kay   
11a & b Useful objects crossword  Page 11 
Ss prepare definitions for everyday objects using clausees of purpose.
11c & d Don't say it  Page 11 
Ss must communicate a noun to their teams using clauses of purpose but without using four obvious words which are printed below.

ESL lesson plans

Politics and the US Election

Complete lesson Vocabulary: politics, elections; skills: political issues.
US Election ESL worksheet 1 US Election ESL worksheet 2 US Election ESL worksheet 3 US Election ESL worksheet 4
Download Politics and the US Election (PDF)

Gender discrimination at work

Complete lesson Vocabulary: work clothes; skills: gender discrimination; grammar: reported speech.
Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 1 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 2 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 3
Download Workplace gender discrimination (PDF)

English grammar notes

Comparison with as...as

Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 1 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 2 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 3
Download English grammar notes: comparison with as...as (PDF)