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grammar: countable and uncountable nouns
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Worksheets for quantifiers

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Quantifiers - tips for studying
Quantifiers revision / extension. Gapped sentences - study tips...


Quantity - healthy eating
Worksheet on quantity expressions on the topic of food and health (links to...


Quantity find someone who
Topic of food and health...


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Online resources for quantifiers

 Quantity expressions quiz 1
Eighteen-question MC quiz. Some, any, much, many, a few, a little, hardly any, plenty etc/


Book references for quantifiers

General English course books (adults) 4
Photocopiable resource books 2
Grammar books with exercises 1
General English adult course resource packs 2

General English course books (adults)

 Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 12 Basics  Pages 101 - 102

 Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 14 Review 2  Pages 122 - 123
Unit 14 Review 2  Page 134 
Unit 13 Home  Pages 122 - 123
General review of quantity expressions including few vs a few etc. Language reference notes.

 New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 
Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Module 8 Countries and cultures  Pages 72 - 73
Listening on Zurich as a place to live. There is / there are + Simple quantity expressions: some, any, a few, a lot of, too much.

 New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 
Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 7 Big events  Page 80 
Module 7 Big events  Page 83 

Photocopiable resource books

 Elementary Grammar Games 
Jill Hadfield   
24 - some and any  Page 24 
Small groups / whole class. Exchanging and collecting game. Each group has a suitcase picture, a list of holiday necessities and picture cards representing some of these. Aim is to collect a complete set by exchaning with others. Have you got any suncream? etc.
25 - How much...? and How many...?  Page 25 
Pairwork. Find the differences between two pictures of food in cupboards.
26 - Quantifiers: much, many, a lot of, a few, etc.  Page 26 
Small groups. Board game. When Ss land on squares with subjects (e.g. coffee), they use question cue cards to ask and answer questions: How much coffee do you drink every day? A lot; one or two cups etc.

 Grammar Games and Activities 1 
Peter Watcyn-Jones   
30 - Group opinions  Page 86 
(1) Ss interview each other on a list of topics using question tags - 'You don't trust politicians, do you?' etc. (2) Report findings using 'most of us', 'some of us' etc.

Grammar books with exercises

 Developing Grammar in Context 
Mark Nettle   Diana Hopkins   
24 Countable and uncountable nouns; quantity  Pages 200 - 205

General English adult course resource packs

 Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
15 A day in the diet of...  Page 15 
Matching people profiles to diets
33 A good place to live  Page 33 
Students describe an ideal place to live and then crticize the place they live now using 'too' , 'not enough' etc.

 Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
17a How's your haggling?  Page 17 
Ss interview each other to complete a questionnaire on haggling skills.