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Online resources for describing places

 Adjectives for describing places (travel and holidays)
Ten-question MC quiz


Book references for describing places

General English course books (adults) 2
General English adult course resource packs 2

General English course books (adults)

 English Result Pre-Intermediate Student's Book 
Mark Hancock   Annie McDonald   
Unit 2 My region  Page 19   describing places
Unit 2 My region  Page 19   describing places
Unit 2 My region  Page 24   Writing a description of a region

 Inside Out Student's Book Advanced 
Ceri Jones   Tania Bastow   
Unit 3 City  Pages 26 - 27  Where in the world
Five travel-guide extracts. Read and guess the destination. Follow up vocabular work
Unit 3 City  Pages 28 - 29  Negative limiting adverbials
Examples and analysis Write a short description of a town or city Anecdote about visiting a city
Unit 3 City  Page 30   One big party
Guidebook-style piece on Leicester Square, London.

General English adult course resource packs

 Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
10 Over the bridge...  Page 10 
Students write a description of a picture with gaps. Partners must fill the gaps and guess the picture
33 A good place to live  Page 33 
Students describe an ideal place to live and then crticize the place they live now using 'too' , 'not enough' etc.

 Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
7a Dream destinations  Page 7 
(1) Speaking : mill-type activity. Picture cards. Ss have half of a picture and find their partner who has the other half of a picture. (2) Writing : write description of picture in pairs. (3) Pictures and descriptions are then shuffled and re-matched.
7b Landscapes  Page 7 
Ss write descriptions of pictures; then read out descriptions and others draw.
5-8b Descriptions  Pages 5 - 8
Ss write descriptions using words taken from two texts. Then compare with original texts.