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Photocopiable resource books

Intermediate Communication Games book cover Intermediate Communication Games 
Jill Hadfield   
8 - Alien  Page 8 
Ss reconstruct details on a UFO sighting from witness accounts. Picture correction and sentence completion tasks.

Speaking / listening skills books

Just Listening and Speaking Upper Intermediate book cover Just Listening and Speaking Upper Intermediate 
Jeremy Harmer   Carol Lethaby   
Listening 9 - The paranormal  Pages 26 - 27
Dialogue with couple arguing about the possibility of paranormal phenomena.

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
8a Something strange happend on the way to...  Page 8 
Ss write a supernatural story using question prompts. Exchange and correct.
8b Encounters of a spooky kind  Page 8 
Ss in pairs dictate their half of a spooky story to make a complete text.

Graded Reading and Listening