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Elementary Grammar Games book cover Elementary Grammar Games 
Jill Hadfield   
10 - be: affirmative and negative  Page 10 
Two activities:.Finding out who lives where; making sentences from word cards.
11 - be: yes / no questions  Page 11 
Ss make yes / no questions beginning 'is' or 'are' by adding a word and passing it to the next student.
12 - be: wh- questions  Page 12 
Matching game - beginnings and ends of questions containing the verb 'to be'.
34 - was and were  Page 34 
Game 1. Picture story (soap opera cards). Ss arrange pictures to tell a story; then arrange word cards to make a sentence for each picture. + follow-up card game (groups) Game 2. Picture card matching game (Strange but True cards). requiring past simple questions and answers with the verb 'to be'.

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