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holidays / travel

holidays / travel

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Beach vocabulary picture quiz 1 (371)
Fifteen-question picture quiz. Write the words. Hints available.


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General English course books (adults)

English Result Pre-Intermediate Student's Book book cover English Result Pre-Intermediate Student's Book 
Mark Hancock   Annie McDonald   
Unit 2 My region  Pages 16 - 17  Tourist attractions
Unit 2 My region  Pages 16 - 17  Tourist attractions

New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 
Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Module 6 Time off  Page 54 
Holiday vocabulary with pictures.

Photocopiable resource books

Elementary Grammar Games book cover Elementary Grammar Games 
Jill Hadfield   
24 - some and any  Page 24 
Small groups / whole class. Exchanging and collecting game. Each group has a suitcase picture, a list of holiday necessities and picture cards representing some of these. Aim is to collect a complete set by exchaning with others. Have you got any suncream? etc.

Speaking / listening skills books

Real Listening & Speaking 3 book cover Real Listening & Speaking 3 
Miles Craven   
Unit 7 I could do with a break  Page 34 
Very slight vocab activity: cruise, city break, skiing holiday etc

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