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Worksheets for errors - grammar
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Error slips - verb forms (654)
Error correction slips + multiple choice questions for past and present perfect tenses, would and used to



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Grammar auction (111)
Grammar auction. Includes subject / object questions; present simple / continuous; adverbials of frequency; past simple / present perfect simple; ing / ed adjectives.


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Grammar auction (127)
Grammar auction. Present, past, present perfect tenses, wish / hope, general plurals, ed / ing adjectives


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Grammar auction - common errors (367)
Sentence aunction (mostly grammar, some vocab) focusing on common Hong Kong errors.


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Warm up - error correction (398)
Common student errors (Hong Kong).


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Basic grammar errors (489)
Nine examples. Could be done as a noughts and crosses activity


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Basic verb structures - correction exercise (491)
Correction slips for present perfect, past perfect, past simple and past continuous tenses.


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Grammar revision - snakes and ladders (526)



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Common errors (564)
Nine common Hong Kong errors - grammar - collocations - wrong words


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Correction slips - wide range (608)
Correction slips - suitable warm-up for Oxford Placement test


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Revision - past tenses and present perfect (412)
Corrections, multi choice sentences. Can be done as snakes and ladders



Quizzes for errors - grammarPage top ↑
Common errors quiz 01 (260)
Common vocabulary and grammar errors


Hong Kong English quiz No 4 (934)
Twenty-questions MC quiz; grammar, vocabulary, register, archaisms etc.


Book references for errors - grammarPage top ↑

General English course books (adults)

Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate book cover Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 8 Review 1  Page 71 
Gapped post card

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  book cover Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  
Sue Kay   
Progress check 11-15a Find the mistake  Pages 11 - 15
Students compare sentences to see which one contains a mistake

Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
17 - 20c Buy a sentence  Pages 17 - 20
Grammar auction

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