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urban myths

Urban myths

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The following ESL resources are available for Urban myths:

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Urban myth - madman on the loose
Cut up urban myth (14 strips) about a madman with a knife. (Not for the faint-hearted!) Grammar gap-fill follow up.
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Urban myth - Spider bite!
Eighteen-line shocker about a girl who gets bitten by a spider. Story ordering from strips or paired dictation activities.
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Related material from other sources

Urban legends reference pages external link icon
Large and well-organized collection of short urban legends on wide range of topics. Carefully categorized and rated for veracity. Easy to use. Texts are genearally short and easily-adapted for classroom use.




Comparison with as...as...

Comparison with <i>as</i>...</i>as...</as>: picture
Detailed grammar reference notes on comparison with as....
Three pages, illustrated. Includes positive and negative forms, modifiers and common similes.
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Download Comparison with as...as - grammar notes (PDF)

ESL lesson plans

Reading and vocabulary: workplace discrimination

Reading and vocabulary: workplace discrimination: picture
Work clothing vocabulary.
News story in graded English about woman who was sent home for refusing to wear high-heeled shoes.
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Download Dress code (PDF)

ESL lesson plans

Reading and vocabulary: How Donald Trump got rich: a tale of three Trumps

Reading and vocabulary: How Donald Trump got rich: a tale of three Trumps: picture
Three articles in graded English on the Trump family, charting the creation of the Trump fortune.
Pre-reading section on well-known business leaders. (PDF version)
Lead-in on the Trump family. (PDF version)
Jigsaw reading for groups of three on Donald Trump, his father and grandfather.
Grammar follow-up on participle clauses (PDF advanced version)
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Download A Tale of Three Trumps (PDF)
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Download A Tale of Three Trumps (Advanced) (PDF)