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Words in the News (index) (144)
Individual news stories - text and audio with difficult vocabulary highlighted and defined. (Print-friendly PDF download of text sheet available) Hundreds of stories, archived back to 1999.


RTHK News index (Hong Kong) (145)
Main English page for Hong Kong Government broadcaster. Texts (short) of local and international stories archived for 12 months. Radio news bulletins available for Windows Media Player and Real Player archived for 12 months. The audio bulletins are usually extended versions of the written texts.


Good news (916)
Two presenters discuss the prevalence of bad news in the media, look at some good news stories and focus on some useful language.



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ODN - news (955)
Major UK commercial television news station. Large selection of recent and archived news stories, many with English subtitles (marked CC)


Lingohack (BBC) (1422)
Authentic BBC bulletins - selected short items with transcript, words and phrases and vocabulary exercise


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Speaking / listening skills books

Real Listening & Speaking 3 book cover Real Listening & Speaking 3 
Miles Craven   
Unit 5 Is there anything on?  Pages 28 - 29
Listening to radio news headlines and main stories Summarizing news stories - choose most accurate of three summaries Speaking: make news programme in groups

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Grammar notes: Comparison with
Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
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