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consonant sounds

Consonant sounds


The following ESL resources are available for Consonant sounds:

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IPA sounds - diphthongs and consonants
IPA symbols for diphthongs and those consonants where the IPA symbol differs from the Latin letter or (/j/) where the value is not that commonly used in English.


MacMillan interactive phonemic chart (349)
Interactive IPA chart for English with audio recordings of the sounds and an example word for each



General English course books (adults)

Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate book cover 

Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate 

Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 10 Time  Page 84 
's' and 'z'; the two 'th' sounds.

ESL lesson plans

Politics and the US Election

Complete lesson Vocabulary: politics, elections; skills: political issues.
US Election ESL worksheet 1 US Election ESL worksheet 2 US Election ESL worksheet 3 US Election ESL worksheet 4
Download Politics and the US Election (PDF)

Gender discrimination at work

Complete lesson Vocabulary: work clothes; skills: gender discrimination; grammar: reported speech.
Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 1 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 2 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 3
Download Workplace gender discrimination (PDF)

English grammar notes

Comparison with as...as

Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 1 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 2 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 3
Download English grammar notes: comparison with as...as (PDF)