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reporting verbs

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Worksheets for reporting verbs

document icon reporting verbs oral practice (doc)
Groups of three. Twelve cards with statements etc in direct speech. Divide these. The twelve reporting verb cards are spread on table. One student whispers one of his cards to the anther. That student has to choose a reported speech card and report the information. The tird student has to guess the original direct speech statement....


document icon Reporting verbs
Direct speech statements for oral transformation using specialized reporting verbs: remind reassure suggest announce explain threaten warn...


document icon reporting verb dominoes
Twelve dominoes. Verbs: admit, confirm, encourage, persuade, claim, advise, convince, suggest, explain, complain, reassure, announce Revised, March, 2010...



Quizzes for reporting verbs

quiz icon Reporting verbs quiz 1
12-question multiple-choice quiz


quiz icon Reporting verbs quiz 2
MC quiz focusing on syntax with reporting verbs


Quizzes for reporting verbs

notes icon notes - reporting verbs
Comprehensive and printable set of notes. reporting verb + (that) clause reporting verb + object + (that) clause reporting verb + object + infinitive


Book references for reporting verbs


General English course books (adults)

Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 8 Escape  Pages 70 - 71
(1) Ss order sentences in a summary of the reading A day at the seaside (Bill Bryson)
(2) Focus on reporting verbs in the above exercise. Ss divide these into two lists: 'say' type and 'tell' type i.e. those that do and do not take a direct object.
(3) Dictionary reading exercise as follow up (dictionary extracts are printed on the page)
(4) Reading passage Where's my car : son steal's mum's car with multiple choice exercise focusing on reporting verbs.

Unit 14 Review 2  Page 131 

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book book cover New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 
Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 12 Media mania  Pages 132 - 133

New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 3 Gold  Page 27   Where's my car?
News article on woman's car stolen by her son leads into reported speech.
Unit 7 Escape  Page 70   Reporting verbs

Photocopiable resource books

Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate book cover Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate 
Will Forsyth   Sue Lavender   
60 - 61 Reporting verbs  Pages 60 - 61
(60) ask, warn, suggest, invite, order, insist, remind, tell (61) advise, agree, think, want, ask, insist, say, suggest, tell, persuade, remind

Grammar books with exercises

Developing Grammar in Context book cover Developing Grammar in Context 
Mark Nettle   Diana Hopkins   
20 Reported speech 2: reporting verbs  Pages 113 - 118

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
25 Reported speech dominoes  Page 25 
Dominoes with 'refuse', 'remind', 'invite' etc.

Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
20b Neighbours  Page 20 
Jig saw story containing reporting verbs. Students dictate to each other in pairs.