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verbs - dynamic / stative

verbs - dynamic / stative

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General English course books (adults)

Global Intermediate Coursebook book cover Global Intermediate Coursebook 
Lindsay Clandfield   Rebecca Robb Benne   
Unit 1 Language & Culture  Pages 6 - 7  state and action verbs

Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate book cover Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 6 Digital  Pages 54 - 55
(1) Analysis using examples from reading : (Online - Jessica Adams page 53)
(2) Listening : six dialogues. Ss decide if verbs are dynamic or stative.
(3) Short error correction exercise (individual sentences)

Unit 7 Review 1  Page 67 
Gapped sentences (decide whether stative or dynamic and choose simple or continuous aspect; match with responses.

Photocopiable resource books

Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate book cover Grammar Activities 2 - Upper Intermediate 
Will Forsyth   Sue Lavender   
62 - 65 Stative and action verbs  Pages 62 - 65
Verbs with stative and dynamic meanings.

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