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Past continuous


The following ESL resources are available for Past continuous:

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Mrs Jones's cat
Goes with pic story formerly in Headway Intermediate. (Past simple and past continuous only.)


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Past simple and continuous - anecdote - the Donkey Dog (372)
Short anecdote about a frightening experience gapped for past continuous and past simple plus 'enormous' and 'the biggest'



General English course books (adults)

Global Intermediate Coursebook book cover 

Global Intermediate Coursebook 

Lindsay Clandfield   Rebecca Robb Benne   
Unit 2 Lives and Legends  Page 19   Past simple & past continuous
Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate book cover 

Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate 

Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 4 Adrenalin  Pages 36 - 38
(1) 'Have you ever..?' questions (2) Listening: 'Have you ever + short anecdote. (3) Gap fill. (4) Reference notes p 38.
New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book book cover 

New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book 

Sarah Cunningham   Peter Moore   
Consolidation modules 6 - 10  Page 96 
Gapped story
Module 10 Take care  Pages 92 - 93
Listening about a man with a lot of lucky escapes Speaking: describing car accidents
Consolidation modules 11 - 15  Page 138 
Tense identification exercise
New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book book cover 

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 

Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 3 Adventures and mishap  Page 37   Language focus
Pictures with multiple-choice captions / speech bubbles. Analysis of examples. Follow up multiple-choice exercise. Listening - students guess the questions and then ask partner

Photocopiable resource books

Intermediate Communication Games book cover 

Intermediate Communication Games 

Jill Hadfield   
8 - Alien  Page 8 
Witnesses role play. Each S is a witness to an alien visitation. Task is to put info together to find out what happened.
Play Games with English Book 2 (1981-8) book cover 

Play Games with English Book 2 (1981-8) 

Colin Granger   John Plumb   
Memory 3 page 17  Pages 17 - 52
Large classroom pic. Memorize and answer true / false questions. 'Was there anybody doing a test?' Can be adapted for more straightforward past simple questions. 'How many people were reading?' etc.
Memory quiz 4 page 22  Page 22 
Large office pic. Memorize what everyone was doing when the boss came in.

Grammar books with exercises

Developing Grammar in Context book cover 

Developing Grammar in Context 

Mark Nettle   Diana Hopkins   
5 The past continuous and the past simple  Pages 23 - 28

General English adult course resource packs

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  book cover 

Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack  

Sue Kay   
31b A dream  Page 32 
Students write a dream using picture prompts (28 cards)
32 Strange things happen  Page 32 
Students order 14 sentences to tell the story of a spooky experience while driving at night.

ESL lesson plans

How Donald Trump got rich: a tale of three Trumps

US Election ESL worksheet 1 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 2 Donald Trump worksheet 3 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 4 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 5 Donald Trump ESL worksheet 6
B1 / B2 Complete lesson Skills: split reading; discussion; role play Vocabulary: business and economics

Download A Tale of Three Trumps for B1/B2 (PDF)
C1 Complete lesson Skills: split reading; discussion; Grammar: participle clauses

Download A Tale of Three Trumps for C1 (PDF)

US Election Special 2016

US Election ESL worksheet 1 US Election ESL worksheet 2 US Election ESL worksheet 3 US Election ESL worksheet 4
B2/C1 Complete lesson Vocabulary: politics, elections; skills: discussing elections and issues.

Download Politics and the US Election (PDF)

Wear high heels or go home: gender discrimination at work

Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 1 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 2 Gender descrimination ESL worksheet 3
B2/C1 Complete lesson Vocabulary work clothes; skills: gender discrimination; grammar: reported speech.

Download Workplace gender discrimination (PDF)

English grammar notes

Comparison with as...as

Comprehensive grammar reference notes, illustrated.
Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 1 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 2 Grammar notes on comparison with as..as 3
Download English grammar notes: comparison with as...as (PDF)