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participle clause

participle clause

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Worksheets for participle clause
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Participle clauses - speaking activity (1161)
Eight questions on general topics (personalization), each using a participle clause, to be read out and answered in groups. 'Having studied English for a number of years, what advice would you give a beginner?' etc.


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Participle clauses (420)
Matching - sentence segments + transformatin exercises. Sentences contain participle clauses showing time relationshi and 'reason and result'. Present and past time.


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Burglary story with participle clauses (607)
(1) Dominoes matching task to make a story about a break in. (2) Same text gapped for verb forms


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Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack book cover Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
8b Encounters of a spooky kind  Page 8 
Ss in pairs dictate their half of a spooky story to make a complete text.

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