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New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book


Author(s):  Peter Moore    Sarah Cunningham  
Publisher:   Longman
ISBN: 9780582825253

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Module 1 Past and present

Module 2 Life's ups and downs

Module 3 Adventures and mishap

Module 4 The mind

Consolidation module 1 - 4

Module 5 Unusual achievements

Module 6 Getting it right

Module 7 Big events

Module 8 Fame and fortune

Consolidation modules 5 - 8

Module 9 Mysteries, problems, oddities

Module 10 Getting together

Module 11 Interfering with nature

Module 12 Media mania

Consolidation modules 9 - 12

Module 2 Life's ups and downs

Page 18 - 19
Reading and vocabulary
individual / pairwork   reading   speaking   written exercise   reading   

Discussion: things that are phsically and psychologically good and bad for you.
Reading : So you know what's good for you. Pysical and psychological effects of various lifestyle factors including food, exercise, stress etc.

health - mental / psychological
health - physical
Page 20 - 21
Forming nouns and gerunds

(20) Noun - verb pairs: research and researh etc.
(20) Passage with mulitple choice words: noun /verb/adjective etc,
(21) Word completion

prefixes and suffixes
stress - syllable
word families
Page 22
Forming adjectives
written exercise   

Common adjectival endings: ive, ic, able etc

prefixes and suffixes
Page 23
Responding sympathetically
individual / pairwork   listening   

Listening: 3 short conversations (A: problem -> B: response - sympathetic / unsympathetic).
Grading of phrases (What a shame! etc.) for degree of sympathy.

Page 23

Common prefixes: over, under, pre, post etc

prefixes and suffixes
Page 24 - 25
Things that make you feel...
individual / pairwork   small groups   speaking   listening   

(1) Listening: 10 people talk about situations that make them feel stressed, happy etc.
(2) Ss speak on the same topics.

feelings / emotions
Page 26
wordspot: life

Various phrases with, collocations of 'life'.
Students add the word 'life' to sentences, then gap fill

life - different uses of
Page 27

End-of-unit extra practice section

life - different uses of
prefixes and suffixes
word families

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Vocabulary revision
Vocab revision strips for unit 2 - 'Life's ups and downs'
Statements with gerunds
Ss arrange cards to make sentences such as 'Walking in the moutains is my idea of happiness'.
Comprehension questions - module 2 - p 19
Can be used for a reading race
Nouns & gerunds follow-up
Follow up mulitple-choice and speaking exercise to Language Focus 1, page 20
Wordspot - life: discussion questions
Twelve questions (personalization etc)to consolidate wordspot: life