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Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate


Author(s):  Susan Kay    Vaughan Jones  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757548

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Friends

Unit 2 Relax

Unit 3 Dating

Unit 4 Adrenalin

Unit 5 Kids

Unit 6 News

Unit 7 party

Unit 8 Review 1

Unit 9 Soap

Unit 10 Time

Unit 11 Journey

Unit 12 Basics

Unit 13 Communication

Unit 14 Style

Unit 15 Age

Unit 16 Review 2

Unit 4 Adrenalin

Page 0

Reading about a man addicted to skydiving.

adventure sports
Page 32 - 35
individual / pairwork   written exercise   

p35 - listening - Interview with female boxer, Jane Couch.

Page 34
individual / pairwork   speaking   listening   written exercise   

(1) Match gradable / absolute adjectives
(2) Listen to and practice dialogues on the pattern:
'Were you scared?
'Scared? I was terrified!'

adjectives ending in -ed and -ing
gradable and ungradable adjectives
Page 35
small groups   vocabulary   

Ss group sports words according to what they think they have in common.

Page 36 - 38
individual / pairwork   listening   written exercise   reference notes   

(1) 'Have you ever..?' questions
(2) Listening: 'Have you ever + short anecdote.
(3) Gap fill.
(4) Reference notes p 38.

past continuous
present perfect for unfinished time periods
Page 38

Prompts and notes on structure for Ss to plan and tell an anecdote

Page 39
small groups   board game   

Truth or dare game. Ss prepare Have you ever? / How many times have you? questionsetc.

present perfect for unfinished time periods
Page 40
individual / pairwork   speaking   listening   written exercise   writing   

(1) Comparative adjectives for talking about sports.

(2) Complete a love letter comparing your your partner, your love etc.
'You are sweeter than...'

comparative and superlative adjectives
Page 41

River Deep Mountain High - focuses on comparisons

comparative and superlative adjectives

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Dead Mike - comprehension tasks - various
Crossword solution
Solution for Resource Pack 4B - phrasal verbs crossword
Dead Mike - reading race questions
Vocab revision
Reading strips for unit 4 pages 35 and 36
Vocabulary revision - sports + absolute adjectives
Reading strips for pages 34 - 35