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Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate


Author(s):  Susan Kay    Vaughan Jones  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757548

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Friends

Unit 2 Relax

Unit 3 Dating

Unit 4 Adrenalin

Unit 5 Kids

Unit 6 News

Unit 7 party

Unit 8 Review 1

Unit 9 Soap

Unit 10 Time

Unit 11 Journey

Unit 12 Basics

Unit 13 Communication

Unit 14 Style

Unit 15 Age

Unit 16 Review 2

Unit 6 News

Page 50 - 55
written exercise   reference notes   

(1) Ss read article Paparazzi and analyze sentences from the text to find the 3 main reasons for using the passive: agent unknown / agent obvious / focus attention.
(2) Gapped news stories for practice.
(3) Find someone who speaking practice.

passive voice
Page 53
grammar   reading   gap fill   

Topic is not addressed directly - comes up in news stories - 'News in Brief'

Page 56
speaking   listening   written exercise   

Dialogue to correct + gapped dialogues for giving news.
(Doesn't focus on present perfect tense)

giving personal news
present perfect for present relevance
Page 57
writing   individual / pairwork   reading   written exercise   

(1) Read and complete gapped personal letter.
(2) Reply using prompts.

personal correspondence

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Headline story
Gap fill with supplied words for SB p 55 - No 5 (A kind of 'model answer')
Vocab for headline news
vocab matching activity for SB p54.
Vocab revision - crime
Reading strips
Vocabulary revision - headline news
Reading strips for SB pages 54 and 55