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Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate


Author(s):  Susan Kay    Vaughan Jones  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757548

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Friends

Unit 2 Relax

Unit 3 Dating

Unit 4 Adrenalin

Unit 5 Kids

Unit 6 News

Unit 7 party

Unit 8 Review 1

Unit 9 Soap

Unit 10 Time

Unit 11 Journey

Unit 12 Basics

Unit 13 Communication

Unit 14 Style

Unit 15 Age

Unit 16 Review 2

Unit 9 Soap

Page 72
individual / pairwork   speaking   vocabulary   

family / relations / relatives
Page 73
correction exercise   gap fill   

Sentence correction; sentence completion

describing people - appearance
Page 74 - 76
speaking   reference notes   language analysis   

reported speech
Page 75

get over; break up with; talk through; go ahead with; go on; mess up

phrasal verbs
Page 80 - 81
reference notes   gap fill   

future continuous
future perfect
will - future uses

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Vocab revision
Reading strips for family relationships and other vocab from SB page 72, 'Who's who in Pacific Heights'.
Descriptions practice
Prompts for simple descriptions (approximate age, hair lenth, type and colour) -goes with pictures in the family tree on SB page 73
Revision of common expressions
Matching activity that revises the common expressions in Lexix # 3, SB page 75
Phrasal verbs revision
Gap fill to revise phrasal verbs in Inside Out Intermediate (old version), lexis # 1 and 2, page 75
Grammar and vocabulary revision