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Advanced Communication Games


Author(s):  Jill Hadfield
Publisher:   Longman
ISBN: 9780175556938

1 Prove it!

2 Who killed Robbin Koch?

3 What a cock-up!

4 The Gossip Game

5 Find the occupants

6 Try it out!

7 Domino intstructions

8 Find the other people on your planet

9 Sweet reason

10 Consequence cards

11 Scoop!

12 Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

13 Sweet talk

14 Define it!

15 Find your former self

16 The excuses game

17 Hard bargaining

18 Would you mind if...?

19 Hide and seek

20 If only...

21 The Cinderella game or Find your fairy godmother

22 Elementary, my dear Watson

23 Eyewitnesses

24 Moaning minnies

25 Silly superstitions

26 A better world or Planetswap

27 Market forces

28 Fishy stories

29 Bucket shops

30 Family budget

31 Go-betweens

32 What if...?

33 Terribly sorry

34 Christmas shopping

35 What do I need?

36 Canvassing

37 Sound advice

38 Job market or On yer bike!

39 The proverb game

40 Dream sequences

22 Elementary, my dear Watson

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small groups   speaking   card game   

Students read clue cards and make deductions to solve a murder

deductions / guesses
modals of deduction

Unit-specific online resources
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Jill Hadfield
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Jill Hadfield
my dear mr watson