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Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate


Author(s):  Vaughan Jones    Susan Kay  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757604

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Images

Unit 2 Family

Unit 3 Money

Unit 4 Body

Unit 5 Ritual

Unit 6 Digital

Unit 7 Review 1

Unit 8 Escape

Unit 9 Attraction

Unit 10 Genius

Unit 11 Sell

Unit 12 Student

Unit 13 Home

Unit 14 Review 2

Unit 1 Images

Page 4 - 5
listening   speaking   

Speaking : images of the 20th century
Ss discuss four pics of epoch making events.

Listening : four individual speakers discuss one of the events each.

history - recent
Page 5

Gapped script (people talking about memorable images of the 20th C) + recording ; mulitple choice grammar exercise

tenses (general)
Page 6 - 7
individual / pairwork   speaking   listening   written exercise   

Short listening (T 02) + analysis; gap-type exercises.

question tags
Page 6

Short listening (T02)to introduce the structure ; pairwork : Os and Xs game.

auxiliary verbs - so / neither
Page 6 - 8
individual / pairwork   reference notes   

(6) Various sentences gapped for 'have', 'do' and 'be'. Can serve as part of an introduction to the uses of auxiliaries.

auxiliary verbs
Page 7

Short listening (T04) for intonation. Pariwork practice with prompts.

auxiliary verbs - sounding interested
Page 9 - 11

(9) Reading : 'Image queen. Madonna's changing images(challenging)

(11) Listening and speaking : men and self-image. Short interviews with 4 men in the street.

image and self-image
Page 9

'Image queen'. Reading passage (challenging) on Madonna's changing images.

Page 11 - 12
individual / pairwork   listening   written exercise   

Listening : interviewing men about self-image and clothes. Bookwork : order words in interviewer's questions. Speaking practice ; error corrections exercise ; pairwork : info-gap type activity on the Beckhams

indirect questions
Page 13
small groups   speaking   board game   

Board game with dice - general personal questions

getting to know you